“Everyone Deserves a Place on the Path to Successful Living.”

Lory Moore understands a great deal about success, having achieved much in many professional and personal areas. She has been an attorney in private practice, a municipal judge, a high-earning network marketing executive, an advocate for patients’ rights, a mother of four (and now GRAND-mother of three), and so much more.

Most of all she’s a teacher, a natural sharer, whose highest priority is making a positive difference in the lives of as many people as she can. The line between Lory’s professional and personal life is often blurred, since her personal beliefs permeate everything she does in the business world and at home. Perhaps she can best be described by the broad, all-inclusive term “life’s coach.”

“I take the old saying, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected, very seriously,” Lory explains. “I’ve been blessed in many ways, and I see every day as a new series of opportunities to serve my fellow human beings—to apply my skills to help them attain happiness by improving their quality of life, achieving their highest level of lifetime wellness, earning long-term financial security, and accomplishing the many other tasks that must be fulfilled in order for their life to be a rich and satisfying existence.”

She continues, “In return, I expect that those who have benefited from what I have shared with them will share this knowledge with others and keep service to other people as one of their own highest priorities. I believe that’s what true success means—not what you’ve accomplished for yourself, but what you’ve done for other people. And this belief is not just based on an altruistic point of view.

There are many reliable studies and ample evidence that show that people, organizations and companies that are of greatest service to others enjoy the highest, most consistent levels of rewards themselves."

Three From The Heart.

Core Beliefs

Lory bases much of her philosophy around three core beliefs:


The pursuit of excellence should be paramount in everything that’s important to us—Whether it’s doing your best on the job, being a loving son or daughter, or providing what your children need from the moment you’ve become a parent, do it as well as you can. There will be bumps in the road, but life is often forgiving and time is often your greatest ally, so don’t indulge in self-pity or discouragement. Just try to do better the next time, and you probably will.”The phrase I use is “Good Only–Better Every Day”: GO BED, which means my measure of success is to strive to make each small choice throughout the day, each use of my time, talent and resources, to be dedicated only to good, and to make progress each day in becoming better in at least one area. When I keep this as my intense focus and goal each day, my head hits the pillow each night in complete peace!”


While some rights and privileges in life must be earned, people deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (Sound familiar? Where have you heard that phrase before?) Happiness may be the most fundamental, ultimate goal or measure of success in life, but the definition may not be what you think. True happiness is not only joy in the moment, but must also be combined with meaning in the future. True happiness happens when you find, pursue and commit to your unique purpose.


This old American saying, often attributed to legendary frontiersman Davy Crockett, is where Lory’s “due diligence” skills can prove priceless. With her years of legal training, business leadership experience, and talents for research, investigation, assessment and identification of the very best role models and life options, Lory is qualified to serve as your mentor and pathfinder, whatever your specific career or personal goals. Her research, probing and testing skills can save anyone time, money and the possibility of being scammed by unscrupulous individuals or enterprises that are long on promises, but short on integrity.

Mission and Values.

Lory and her team's mission is help you define your life's best work, design a business around that unique body of work that delivers a life you love, and show you how to continually delight the world with the value you bring. Working together with you and other like-minded givers, we are committed to helping helping good people make good money so they can join the revolution to change the world for the GREATER GOOD.

success is service,

one person at a time.

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