Love and 47 Hearts

Love and 47 Hearts


Nothing more powerful.  Nothing more pure.

How blessed we are when we experience love in our lives.  And how much more blessed we are when we share it with others.

One of my favorite artists is Michael Franks.  He who captures the words of my love and delivers them in delicious melodies that soothe my soul.  Just sharing the beauty with you.


With deepest gratitude to the true love I have been blessed with.  God is so good to let us taste such goodness.

Happy Valentines Day, with love.


And if you truly want to experience a glow in your heart, here is an amazing opportunity to remember the little ones with the change from your pocket.

One of my dear friends and mentors, Dr. Mani, has a delightful gift for those who purchase his Kindle ebook today.  $2.99 to save a child’s life.  Imagine that!  You can’t even buy a paper heart for that paltry sum these days!

Is there really any other place for six quarters to go today, this day, the day of love?  What would it feel like to know your 299 pennies helped save a child?

Why not go here and find out?

47 Hearts

Here is the story of 47 Hearts, in the words of my dear friend, Dr. Mani:

It’s time to think about your business’ purpose.

Eleven years ago, I did.

I asked myself this:

What would you do for a child in pain, who was ill
and had little chance of being made well without
an expensive surgery?

What if it were your child?

The answer was simple and glaringly obvious.

You’d do whatever you need to do to make whatever
needs to happen, happen.

That’s the story of 11 years which I share by way
of 47 short, inspirational axioms in a powerful
little book called

“47 HEARTS – How To Live YOUR Dreams, With
Passion, Purpose & Persistence”

Now what if all YOU needed to do was read this
book – to help save a child’s life?

Would you be willing to do so little while helping
so much?

My non-profit CHD Foundation works with children
in India who suffer from Congenital Heart Defects.

I perform the surgeries.  I raise funds to help pay
for them by writing and selling ebooks.  I do it
because these families are not able to come up with
all the money.

And without treatment, children will suffer.

Now you can help me help those families when
you purchase the digital version of “47 Hearts”.

Plus if you are willing to tell just one person,
you can help even more.

Will you order the ebook, “47 Hearts” from this
page and then tell just one special someone about

YOU are MY ‘one person’.

You know me. And I know you know someone,
someone in your life who has needed so much
more than you’ve been able to give.

So you gave what you could, and it helped.

Will you do that now?

When each of us makes even a small gesture,
it adds up to sharing and healing a heart, which
is ultimately connected to our own.

Share your heart. Buy the digital version of
“47 Hearts”

Have a wonderful and love filled Valentine’s Day.

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