Happiness Pursuit Guaranteed

Happiness: Pursuit Guaranteed!

Your Happiness May Not be Delivered by a Bluebird…or a Cardinal, Seagull, Nuthatch, Eagle or Any Kind of Bird at All. And That’s Okay, as Long as it’s There When You Need It!
Happiness comes in as many colors, shapes, forms, sizes and varieties as the people who spend a high percentage of their lives seeking it. It’s sometimes hard to describe, but rarely difficult to recognize. It’s often elusive, enigmatic and even expensive, but it’s given a high value by people at all levels of society.
Happiness is perhaps the most basic of the fundamentals needed for a life a quality. Wellness, financial security and relationships all play major parts in determining whether we will be happy.

Conversely, if we are happy, it’s easier to practice a healthy lifestyle, make logical financial decisions, and recognize and nurture potentially positive relationships of various kinds. In virtually all cases, happiness can serve us more effectively as a starting point than it can as the finish line or reward for any task.
What makes you happy? Simple question with a not-so-simple-answer. What generates happiness depends on time, place, circumstance and history up to that moment. As a child, a new talking doll or a radio-controlled car might make us ecstatic, while the same toy’s effects on us as adults would be presumably significantly less. Just a sincere “Well done!” from our boss in front of our coworkers can make our day, week or month when climbing the career ladder is of paramount importance in our lives.
Often the same action that means happiness to one person can have an understandably opposite effect on someone else. For instance, buying a first home can bring feelings of joy and triumph in a young couple who have always previously lived in apartments. However, that same act of buying a first home may symbolize a certain degree of financial restriction if that home is 70 miles from their workplaces, will require 3-4 hours of commuting every workday, and is their only housing option since apartments in the city near their offices are priced far above their current ability to afford.

When’s the last time you gave specific thought to what makes you genuinely happy?  Or has the every day hustle and bustle sold you the lie that being happy is just for cartoons and toothpaste ads?

Why not give five minutes, right now, to thinking about…better yet, writing down, the things that make you smile, bring you energy, make you look forward to living. Take your “happiness inventory”.

Are you fully occupying your time on those important things?  Or have you let the urgent overcome the important?

What ONE THING could you do, today, to move the important things UP the priority scale in your life?  Just one thing, that’s all.

Now, do that thing, right now, and begin today, to live your life in joy.

No one else will do it for you.  Why not?!  I triple dare you!!!

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