Election 2012: Why I Left The Country, or My Line In The Sand

I’m actually in Manta, Ecuador, and watching the election progress from foreign soil has been quite an education. I’ll be sharing more on that eye-opening experience over the next few weeks.

Last night, in the midst of my 40+ miles of beach walking over the past 7 days, I took a picture on the beach in front of my Ecuadorian coastal property, raising my arms to heaven and rejoicing. And I took the photo BEFORE the election results, knowing that this would be my frame of mind whether President Romney or President Obama was the leader of my country. Because my life philosophy is not affected by the outcome of an election. I am a person of faith & purpose & I choose to use the Word of Wisdom as my guide: “Rejoice in ALL things, and again, I say, REJOICE!!”  Every day.

Elections don’t decide my attitude toward living my life on purpose.  I put the plans in motion to leave the country weeks ago, to fulfill my dream of owning an ocean retreat to share with family and friends, and a place to train social entrepreneurs, and took action to make it happen.  Why Ecuador? And why, now?

Because my best friend challenged me to dream bigger.  I promised her I would.  And then, she died.  That was one month ago.

During those four weeks, I have taken a long, deep look at all of my businesses, and decided that somehow, some way, I had to reclaim my life and my time to be spent with the people I love, living my principles and fulfilling the items on my bucket list.  All while increasing my cash flow, reducing my expenses, and multiplying my ability to reach thousands and help them do the same.

One thing that facing death teaches you is that living is not only about the quantity of years, but it truly is about the quality.  As I have said about my dear friend Eileen, she knew what it meant to not complain about the storms, but to learn to sing in the rain, in high heels and backwards.  That’s what strong women do.  They don’t expect life to be a bed of roses, they learn to navigate through the thorns; and the best, like Eileen, can even repurpose the thorns to a thing of beauty and make a business from it.

So, in 28 days, I have worked less. Played more. Stressed less. Blessed more people.  Expanded my sphere of influence.  Reduced the sphere of my waist.

All while launching 2 new businesses, expanding 2 others, and increasing my profits ten-fold.  How?  By discovering the most successful business mentors, adopting their business system models and strategies, and implementing them in my own business.  Me, a middle-aged, out-of-shape mother of five, grieving, yet celebrating, the life of an amazing woman.

All from my mobile phone and laptop in a 3rd world country.  (Isn’t this an amazing world we are blessed to live in?)

And, starting right now, I will be singularly focused on helping others do the same.  My strength, and my passion, is helping good people make good money, so they can do good things with it.

When fear of the economy has our country in its grip, it is time for entrepreneurs to take charge and lead.  People like Alex Jeffreys. Peter Garety.  Pete Williams. And the “guru to the gurus”, who has mentored me and most other 6 or 7 figure online business owners, Rich Schefren.

Here is the free report that launched me on my journey to fulfilling bigger dreams.  Feel free to share, and let’s grow our nation, and our world, to higher prosperity.

Profit Hacks Profit Prophesy

I’m ready.  I know it’s what Eileen would do.

Please share your thoughts on what I can do to serve you in life or in businessbelow.

p.s. In case it’s not abundantly clear, my first step in my action plan to make my world better was to VOTE, on the first day of early voting, in preparation of fulfilling my dreams, and helping others reach theirs.  It was only a few generations ago that we women didn’t have that right and privilege, and I will live my life in gratitude, defending it!

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